Sunday, July 31, 2011

Frank Nac!

Hot Dog and Cold Beer fans of East Texas, rejoice: Frank is heading your way soon! We are super-excited to announce that our second Frank location will open in historic Nacogdoches, Texas later this month. The Hot Dogs Cold Beer gang is currently working day and night to make it happen.

Our Nac partner Aaron Montes felt the city needed a unique restaurant, and visited Austin on a mission to bring the best eats in town back east with him. When he found Frank he knew it was a perfect fit. After a few dogs and coldies with Aaron and his wife Emily, we agreed.

Literally constructed AROUND the oldest existing restaurant in Nacogdoches, Frank is located on the corner of North and Hayter, just four blocks from Stephen F. Austin University. SFA Lumberjacks, get ready for some awesome grub.

Here's a little insight from the Daily Sentinel:Purveyors of Artisan Sausage

Here are a few pics showing the build out::

The original restaurant structure opened circa 1950:

The existing drive through menu:

Construction has started and we are utilizing salvaged barn tin and cedar:

Stay tuned for more details and pics y'all!

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