Monday, March 8, 2010

So You Want To Be A Coffee Star?

Well maybe you should head down to Frank and see how it's done. Did that sound cocky? Yes, yes it did. Maybe it's because our man Tyler Wells placed top three in the Regional Barista Championships and is heading to the Nationals. Or maybe it's because Frank baristas took the top three places in the last Latte Art Smackdown. Either way we love coffee.

If you don't happen to live in Austin David Hobizal made a real nice video for ya to peruse over the intertoobs.


larger versions here:

Vimeo Style

You Tubey


  1. Hey Northcut,

    I am finally getting my lazy ass around to telling the world about your amazing establishment. I wrote a review on Yelp describing the hospitality you showed me and my family (you gave my daughter and wife a t-short my daughter, Lily, her first hot dog), not to mention the amazing food and atmosphere.

    I will do what it takes to send as many customers your way.


  2. Hey genius Frank people. Haven't tried the coffee yet but genuinely enjoyed dinner. Here's a little shout out:

    Thanks for a wonderful meal!